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Natural language processing
Semantic web


Lab Director

Faculty (Collaborators)

PhD Students

Masters Students


Postdoctoral researchers

  • Mohamed Yassin (2021) (Bram Adams - Amal Zouaq - Jinghui Chen): AIRUDI - Automatic NLP Methods for Human Resource Management
  • Alexandre Kouznetsov (2017): Neural Information Retrieval
  • Ludovic Jean-Louis (2015): Keyword and Relation extraction and Knowledge Base Population
  • Alexandre Kouznetsov (2014): Using machine learning for open keyword and relation extraction
  • Faezeh Ensan (2014): A framework for the evaluation of semantic annotators

Research Associates

  • Ludovic Font (2020-2021) (Amal Zouaq - Michel Gagnon): MCCQ - Generation of a Knowledge Base about Quebec literature
  • Yan Bodain (2021) (Amal Zouaq): Conova AI - Ontologies for the representation of competencies and professional paths
  • Nicolas Leduc (2019) (Michel Gagnon - Amal Zouaq): Lab management

PhD Students

  • Sameer Bathnagar (2021) (Michel Desmarais - Amal Zouaq): Technology Mediated Peer Instruction:

Masters Students

  • Rose Hirigoyen (Sept 2020 - ) (Amal Zouaq): Automatic query generation from natural language
  • Dominique Piché (Sept 2019 - ) (Amal Zouaq - Michel Gagnon): Automatic alignment of knowledge bases in cultural heritage
  • Charles-Olivier Favreau (Sept 2020 - ) (Amal Zouaq - Sameer Bathnagar): Learning to rank convincing explanations
  • Hadi Abdi Ghavidel (2021) (Amal Zouaq): Automatic short answer grading using Transformers:
  • Félix Martel (2020) (Amal Zouaq): Taxonomy Extraction using Knowledge Graph Embeddings:
  • Dylan Farvacque (2020) (Amal Zouaq - Michel Gagnon): Open Domain Question Answering:
  • Erwan Marchand (2020) (Michel Gagnon - Amal Zouaq):
  • Nikolay Radoev (2019) (Amal Zouaq - Michel Gagnon): Multilingual SPARQL Query Generation Using Lexico-Syntactic Patterns:
  • Gerardo Mantecon (2019) (Amal Zouaq): Towards the Automatic Classification of Student Answers to Open-ended Questions:
  • François Ferry (2018) (Michel Gagnon - Amal Zouaq): Relation extraction from digital heritage documents:
  • Rawan Bahmid (2018) (Amal Zouaq): Hybrid Question Answering over Linked Data:
  • Hanqing Zhou (2018) (Amal Zouaq - Diana Inkpen): DBpedia Type and Entity Detection Using Word Embeddings and N-gram Models:
  • Lara Haidar-Hamad (2017) (Amal Zouaq - Michel Gagnon): Logical Axiom Extraction from Wikipedia:
  • Ludovic Font (2016) (Amal Zouaq - Michel Gagnon): DBpedia Quality Evaluation:
  • Camila Zacche de Aguiar (2016) (Davidson Cury - Amal Zouaq): Automatic Extraction of Concept Maps from Text
  • Guilherme Pinotte (2016) (Davidson Cury - Amal Zouaq): Generating OWL ontologies from Concept Maps
  • Mohamed Chabchoub (2016) (Michel Gagnon - Amal Zouaq): Enhancement of semantic annotators' performance using coherence and confidence scores:
  • Kevin Lange Di Cesare (2016) (Michel Gagnon - Amal Zouaq): Automatic relation extraction for knowledge base population - The KBP Task:
  • Philippe Armel N'Techobo (2016) (Amal Zouaq - Michel Gagnon): Knowledge Graph Extraction from Political Debates:
  • Paul Geesaman (2013) (Jim Cordy - Amal Zouaq): Ontology Alignment using Near-miss Clone Detection
  • François-Xavier Desmarais (2012) (Michel Gagnon - Amal Zouaq): Semantic analysis using machine learning and rule-based methods:

Prof. Masters Students

  • Mathias Ramos (2021): Towards a Fully Automated Bilingual Job Recommendation Platform
  • Brieuc Dandin (2021): Data mining methods for popularity detection
  • Sheenam Sharma (2018): Topic Detection and Clustering using Semantic Annotation on Canadian Parliamentary Debates

Interns - Research Assistants

  • Alaleh Hamidi (2021): Towards a Fully Automated Bilingual Job Recommendation Platform
  • Vincent Gagnon (Sept 2021 - ) (Michel Desmarais - Amal Zouaq): Prerequisite association learning
  • Carmen Sofiane (2021) (Amal Zouaq - Michel Gagnon): A Semantic Web application for the retrieval of Quebec authors and books
  • Grégoire Derveaux (2020) (Amal Zouaq): Automatic extraction of authors' information from Wikipedia
  • Julien Arès (2020) (Amal Zouaq): Neural convolutional networks for entity alignment in the domain of Quebec literature
  • Alexandre Bento (2019) (Michel Gagnon - Amal Zouaq): Ontology alignment using convolutional neural networks
  • Rob Janzen (2013) (Dragan Gasevic - Amal Zouaq): Generating semantic learning paths

Undergrad Students

  • Francis Granger (2020) (Amal Zouaq): Axiom extraction from natural language
  • Hugo Bourret-Desmarais (2018-2019) (Michel Gagnon - Amal Zouaq): A machine learning approach for relation extraction in the cultural domain
  • Nikolay Radoev (2017) (Michel Gagnon - Amal Zouaq): Answering Natural Language Questions in French on an RDF Knowledge Base
  • Mathieu Tremblay (2017) (Michel Gagnon - Amal Zouaq): Answering Natural Language Questions in French on an RDF Knowledge Base
  • Wu Jiuzhou (2017) (Amal Zouaq): A Classifier for Class and Instance Recognition in Wikipedia
  • Zhang Haolong (2017) (Amal Zouaq): A Classifier for Class and Instance Recognition in Wikipedia
  • Anthony Garant (2016-2017) (Michel Gagnon - Amal Zouaq): Multilingual question answering
  • Beauclair Christopher Hughie (2016) (Amal Zouaq): Building an LSA and LDA model on Wikipedia
  • Nerad Jeffrey Douglas (2016) (Amal Zouaq): A machine learning classifier for type detection on DBpedia
  • Gardner Megan (2013) (Amal Zouaq): A semantic media wiki for ontology learning