Artificial Intelligence
Natural language processing
Semantic web

The LAMA-WeST lab specializes in all aspects of natural language processing and artificial intelligence, with a special focus on Semantic Web technologies. Our various projects tackle challenges related to knowledge base extraction, knowledge engineering, question answering, learning analytics and knowledge integration and alignment. Our application domains include linked open data and Semantic Web, education and online learning, insurance, and digital heritage to name a few.

Our lab is funded through government and industry institutions including NSERC, SSHRC, MITACS, CFI and government-related contracts. It provides a fertile ground and learning opportunities for students and visiting researchers. Led by Prof. Amal Zouaq, The LAMA-WEST lab is welcoming new collaborations in the academic and industrial community. We also encourage students looking for Ph.D. and M.Sc. positions to contact us.

To contact us for a graduate student position, please send your CV and appropriate documentation to Amal Zouaq.


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