Artificial Intelligence
Natural language processing
Semantic web

The LAMA-WeST lab specializes in all aspects of natural language processing and artificial intelligence, with a special focus on Semantic Web technologies. Semantic Web knowledge bases can represent a large-scale source of knowledge for artificial intelligence models and can be used, among other things, to ensure the validity of information, and the explainability of artificial intelligence models.

Our various research projects tackle challenges related to representation learning, natural language interfaces and question answering, automated reasoning, knowledge base learning and alignment, ontology learning, knowledge engineering and modeling, and information extraction and generation to name a few.

Our lab is funded through government and industry institutions including NSERC, FRQS, SSHRC, IVADO and MITACS. It provides a fertile ground and learning opportunities for students and visiting researchers.

Led by Prof. Amal Zouaq, The LAMA-WeST lab is welcoming new collaborations in the academic and industrial community.

Prospective Students:

We are looking for strong Masters and PhD students to work in the following areas: natural language processing, machine learning, and semantic web. Prior experience in these domains is a plus. The candidates should also have strong Python programming skills.

Women, non binary people and underrepresented minorities are encouraged to apply.

If you are interested in the LAMA-WeST lab, send your detailed CV, transcripts, and a summary of your research interests to amal dot zouaq at polymtl dot ca. Your email should have [RESEARCH_APPLICATION_POSTDOC OR PhD OR MASTER] in the subject.

Please note that we will contact only the students whose application matches the requirements / needs of the lab.

Some open research projects are detailed here


I am currently looking for postdocs.

Ph.D./Masters Students:

We are looking for strong Ph.D. students. Ph.D. and Masters admissions' deadlines are indicated here: deadlines

Interns and Visiting Students:

I am currently not taking any interns.