Artificial Intelligence
Natural language processing
Semantic web

Automatic Short Answer Grading

Student: Hadi Abdi Ghavidel

Supervisor: Amal Zouaq

Co-supervisor(s): Michel C. Desmarais

One of the latest developments in the field of education has been the emergence of Massive open online courses (MOOCs). This type of learning provides open access education for an unlimited number of students around the world. MOOCs providers require educators to reform the traditional approaches in the assessment of student understanding and provision of the feedback. This involves the development of automated tools for representing the knowledge in course content, tracking the overall comprehension of the course concepts and class progress, assessing students’ disciplinary literacy and automatically evaluating free responses to questions.

In this educational context, this project focuses on the development of AI methods for automatically evaluating the students’ short answers. In a broader sense, this research will help advance the AI-based evaluation of human knowledge.